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At ACE, we strive to provide numerous worksite visits, guest speakers, and mentorships for our students, and are always looking for ways to increase our collaboration with the industry.

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We bridge core academics and application within the professional technical arena, which will help students understand the usefulness, or relevance, of their learning.




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To the Parent or Guardian of a Current ACE Academy Junior,

In March I sent out a letter informing you that ACE Academy was going to close at the end of this school year. It was a very disappointing announcement to make as the Director of this school. What was most disappointing was the fact that our current juniors would not be able to finish their senior year with us and benefit from our excellent programs in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering.

We have been working hard to try and remedy this situation at ACE. I would like to now let you know that we are in the process of finalizing our plans to move to Benson High School in the Portland Public School District. Any junior interested in continuing and completing their program through ACE can submit an Interdistrict Transfer Request to the district office of their home district. Each district has a slightly different process, so I would direct you to contact your district office for specific information regarding this process. Students can, and have, picked up forms at ACE and may have already brought them home.

Benson has a tradition of excellence surrounding their Career and Technical Education programs and ACE was pursued by their school board when it was announced we would be closing. The process was long and complex, and we are just now able to make this announcement. We at ACE hope that you and your student would be interested in following up to our new location.

Benson is located two blocks from the MAX light-rail line and Portland Public provides all of their students with bus passes, so it would be an option for our students to use the public transportation service to attend Benson. Transportation is just one issue that you and your student might have questions about, and I would be happy to speak to anyone who might have questions.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 503-546-9928 or via email at


Mark Clifford
Director ACE Academy



We provide experience within the architectural, construction and engineering disciplines, leading to the achievement of rigorous academic benchmarks.